Monday, June 15, 2009

Back from Lexington

I survived our hike up to the Natural Bridge when I visited Lexington. It took about 2 hours to get up and then back down. Then we enjoyed a nice little picnic - which was the first picnic I had ever had free of wasps or bees - complete with avocado on our turkey sandwich. After we finished lunch we went up the ski lift and came back down. Although I can't say it was "up my alley" it was surprisingly fun. Other highlights of the trip include watching my wedding video that Cliff made, trying a beer cheese burger, and shopping for baby clothes for Logan.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Off to Lexington for the Weekend!

I am headed to Lexington for a long weekend tomorrow. I will be leaving my two boys here by themselves...could this be dangerous? I am visiting Julie and Cliff in their new house and Mandy is coming up from Nashville too. It will be a fun weekend, but I will miss Will and Samson. Will will be busy selling the last of our things at the apartment to get it ready for me to clean...most things are moved into the new house, but we have a few odds and ends to clean up. For some reason I don't feel like it's summer yet...maybe it's the fact that I have not been to a pool yet and I am not even remotely tan? Maybe that will change after this weekend...Julie has a hike planned for us in the woods...she saved the fact that we will be climbing rock walls until this week - maybe because she knew I wouldn't go for that? I am not in good enough shape...hopefully I will surive (with bugspray I may have a chance).