Friday, December 30, 2011

More Bows!

I made two more bows for Harper. One I started a long time ago, it's a dog bow for her. She has a few outfits to wear it with. The other I just made tonight. I just liked the ribbons and was playing around with some different bow types.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Geggie Baby Shower

Today my team at school threw me a beautiful baby shower. See, they were going to throw it before Harper was born, but Harper had different plans. I actually think having one of your baby showers after the baby is born is a good idea. I got so many nice gifts today that I wouldn't have gotten if the shower would have been four months ago. Harper got 6 month+ toys and clothes, safety items for around the house and lots of beautiful picture books (plus a number of other things). I just finished up unpackaging all of Harper's beautiful things and enjoyed a leftover cupcake before I sat down to blog about my fun day. Harper's babysitter even brought her up so she could enjoy her first party.
My team. I am especially thankful for two of my teammates that I have now taught with for FIVE years. My teaching memories wouldn't be the same without them.

Some of my favorite gifts were the picture books Harper got, the bedtime lotion I use for Harper and an adorable puppy dog jumper (which the dogs look suspiciously like Westies).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Bow for a Cute Outfit

I ordered a holiday outfit for Harper from my friend who created her own business, pink lime designs. The outfit turned out so cute! I LOVE the leopard antlers on Rudolph. Harper will be wearing this to our baby shower tomorrow at school. You see, because I had Harper so early, my third grade team at school didn't get a chance to throw the shower they were planning for me before Harper arrived. So, they decided to throw it once I went back to work. Now Harper gets to come too! Since she will be wearing this adorable outfit - I thought I'd make a bow to match it. I wanted to get to Hobby Lobby to buy some leopard ribbon, but I didn't make it there - so I just used the cream and tan ribbons I had on hand with some red and black gross grain. I think it turned out pretty cute.