Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Green and an Early Birthday

I made a spring green headband tonight. I had seen these headbands on Blue Cricket Design. I decided to twist it a little to use this pretty, green satin ribbon with stripes on it. I still want to make the one like Blue Cricket Design has, but not tonight (I'm watching The Real Housewives of New York City - on my DVR from last Thursday).

Here is the finished product.

Just a cute little spring look!
Now on to more important things...Samson's birthday! Samson will be ONE this Friday (April 2nd). Our little boy is growing up. I went birthday shopping for Samson yesterday and after I wrapped his presents in wrapping paper (apes with boxers and party hats on) - I couldn't help but want to give him one of his three new toys.
Sam LOVES unwrapping presents. We found this out at Christmas.
And, as you can see, he loves his new toy too. More presents for Samson on his real birthday - if I can make it through the week without giving him the rest.... ; )

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Hardware

Towards the tail end of spring break I convinced Will to go to Lowe's with me and pick out some new hardware for our half bath and master bathroom. Here is a glimpse of what we chose. It turned out really pretty with the lighting we picked when we built the house.
While Will was measuring, drilling and hanging - our micro manager watched over him.
We already had these pictures but we added them to our master bath, right above our tub.
I love the new hardware with the towels. Pottery Barn sells these exact white towels with the embroidered pearl dots at the bottom, but I found mine at Home Goods!
Now we just have to get new faucets, mirrors and shower heads...and hardware for the second full bath...let's just add it to the list.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Got Bags?

I don't know what it is like in your house, but in ours we seem to always have an overabundance of grocery bags in our closet in our kitchen. I save them to pick up Samson's treasures (I wish they were that). They were always falling down when I opened the door. So I had seen somewhere (I think on Etsy) someone who had created a holder for all those plastic bags. I decided this would be a perfect project for my new sewing machine. I used about half a yard of green canvas for the body of the bag and then added this fun strip of fabric to the canvas to give it a little more beauty. I pinned down the strip of fabric and folded the top of the green canvas over so I could sew that as well. Also, I pinned down bottom part of canvas to sew as well (with enough room inside to slide a strip of elastic into it).
After I sewed all of those seams, I folded the canvas in half with the right side of the fabric on the inside and prepared to sew down the open ends.
Once I sewed down the open sides of the fabric, I cut the extra scrap off.
Next, I attached a safety pin to a long strip of elastic and thread it through the wider opening at the bottom of the fabric.
Then, I pulled it tight and sewed it closed and in place.
This way the bags stay in place until you are ready to pull them out.
I attached a ribbon at the top for it to hang from. Here is the finished product, bags and all.
I think it turned out pretty cute and no more bags falling out of the closet!
Overall, I am pretty pleased with my new sewing machine. I do have a lot to still learn on it though...

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Year Gone By

Today marks a very special day in Will and I's lives. It is our first wedding anniversary. We were married last year on March 28th at The Jewel Box in Forest Park. The weather was gross that day, actually much like the weather is today in St. Louis. Rainy and Cold. The difference is we got snow overnight last year. When Will and I woke up for the first time as husband and wife there was a dusting of snow and although it didn't last long on the ground (I think it was gone within a few hours), now we can say we had snow. I still remember that look on Will's face when I walked down the aisle. That was priceless. I hope I never forget that look, even when I am 105. One of my best friends, Katie Stasiak ( took the photos for our special day. Now she has created her own part time business (and is planning her own New Years Eve wedding). Check out her website. I wanted to choose a few of my favorite photos that she shot from our special day. It was hard to choose just a few. Let's look and reminisce...

Yesterday Will bought me some of my favorite flowers, snapdragons. The lady at the florist said that she does not get to many people asking her for an arrangement of snapdragons. I don't get that. They are beautiful. Especially in the spring with all the pastels. You should go buy yourself a bouquet, NOW. Also, Will surprised me and got us ice cream cupcakes from Coldstone. Because Will and I were paying for our wedding, we were on a budget, so to save money we had cupcakes instead of a wedding cake (and we didn't save one). And, don't tell, but these ice cream cupcakes were WAY better. Yummy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Bloom on a Washer Necklace

I first saw washer necklaces on this blog. So I decided to put a little twist on them...first I made my washer necklace with about 35-40 washers and navy blue gross grain ribbon.
Then I went to work making some fabric flowers and yoyos.
Then I hot glued the flowers to the gross grain ribbon and attached some felt to the back with hot glue to keep them in place. I also added some buttons to the centers of the flowers.
Here is the finished project. I think this will look cute with a white tshirt.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Outdoor Makeover II

If you were wondering if I had fallen off the face of the Earth the last two days...I haven't, I have just been busy painting Will and I's foundation. Below is a picture of what the foundation looked like before we painted.
I love the way it turned out, but this was a LONG project and on top of it all I came down with a terrible cold yesterday that slowed me down even more.
I think it looks good and was worth the hard work. Now, I'm going to get going because my fingers are cramping up after all that painting! Sorry, not a long post tonight...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outdoor Makeover

Today was a busy day of Spring Break, just like yesterday. We spent the first half of the day cleaning out the garage. The slab was gross from all the snow/salt residue from winter. Will mounted our pegboard to the studs and I worked on organizing our tools.
I love organizing. I need to buy some more hooks for some things that could also go on our pegboard. Will and I don't have a ton of tools, but this will help us find the ones we use pretty often quickly.
Here are the plastic shelves we bought for one corner of the garage. I need to buy a few more plastic containers to organize some little things we have on the shelves.
Will picked out these organizers for our brooms, rake, snow shovel, etc. He hung those wall I worked on organizing the shelves and pegboard areas.
We started assembling our outdoor furniture last night when we got home, but darkness got the best of us so we spent the second part of day today finishing putting it together. We liked the way it turned out. Now we need an outdoor rug for in front of our slider. The furniture gets Samson's approval also. Which is most important.
Well I'm off to shower and then enjoy a glass of wine on our new patio furniture! Tomorrow's painting (if the weather cooperates).