Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Cards

I am so excited! Katie gave me my Christmas cards today! They turned out super cute and she even packaged them up with a beautiful bow. I love the pictures she took of us. She does such a great job with her photography. I can't wait to get my prints too. I have plans for the landing at the top of our stairs. She got my cards printed on this really pretty linen paper. I love them! I'm planning on sending these cards to family and close friends.

I'm also going to order some cards from Shutterfly. These cards I will use for extended friends and family. Last year I ordered our cards on Shutterfly and loved them. They were very nice quality and really turned out just how we wanted for our first ever Christmas card. The thing I love about Shutterfly's cards are they are so affordable! Another great thing about their website is it is so easy to use. You just upload photos and put them in the different card templates to see which one you like the best. The best part is how many choices you get with Shutterfly. You should follow the links below and head on over to their website to start planning your cards today - get in the holiday spirit! Christmas is just around the corner!

Check out their Christmas and Holiday cards. And for future information, you can even get super cute birthday invitations there!

The best thing is they are giving away 50 free cards if you blog about how spectacular their cards are!

Bloggers get 50 free cards. Sign up today!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gift Wrap, Cards and General Christmas Fun

Today I discovered the Christmas station has started playing holiday music. This made me very happy. I discovered this while driving around doing my holiday shopping. My side of the family does our Christmas gift exchange at our Thanksgiving gathering. I have all but one of my presents finished for my family. I was just in the holiday spirit today. I almost even put our tree up (but stopped myself because it is just a little too early). I stopped by Bath and Body and bought a Evergreen scented candle. When I got home I dug into my Christmas wrapping box and started wrapping those presents I bought today. I was just in the spirit. I can't wait. I love the holidays. Samson loves laying under our Christmas tree.

Katie told me my Christmas cards came in on Friday afternoon. I'm so pumped to see how they turned out. My friend Megan's sister, Kristen, blogged about how cute Shutterfly's Christmas cards are this year. So even if you don't live by Katie and can't have her take your family photo, check these cards out. I got my cards from there last year and really liked them. I loved the photos Katie took of our little family about a month ago and I'm excited to see them. I may order a set from Shutterfly too - to send to extended friends and family and friends from college. Last year I saved one of our cards and I plan on saving our card each year and displaying them in a cool way each Christmas. I may snag something like this from Pottery Barn to display at the holidays. How fun will it be to look back every year at the cards from the previous year?

And on a Tiger football update - 11-0 feels pretty good going into the Iron Bowl. War Eagle!