Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Girl Christmas Stocking

Tonight I finally finished Harper's Christmas stocking! I chose a red quilted fabric for the main portion of the stocking. The inside is a tan material - I originally wanted to use burlap, but I thought this would be easier to work with. I then added a little ruffle with the fun green, red and pink snowflake fabric. And lastly, I added the fun green ball strip as a cute detail. I think it turned out pretty well. I wanted to make a heel and toe with the snowflake fabric, but my sewing machine wasn't really cooperating on that one, so I skipped it. Next year I may remake my stocking and Will's as well...but I won't have time to do that this year!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Style Boutique Bow

I've ordered a few bows for Harper off Etsy, but I've really wanted to learn how to make boutique style bows. So I found this blog - she has videos on You Tube on how to make all different kinds of bows. For my first boutique bow I tried I used pinks, greens and reds to make a Christmas bow for Harper. I think it turned out well for my first one of this kind! Anyway - check out her blog and videos on You Tube to learn how to make these bows. They are pretty easy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Harper's Birth Story

It occurred to me I never shared how Harper graced us with her presence. The week before labor day weekend I had been having some high blood pressure numbers and what I considered pretty bad swelling in my ankles. I had kind of a bad feeling about what the doctor would say about me teaching (I was only two weeks into my new school year)...so I put off calling the doctor until Thursday afternoon. She wanted to see me. Friday afternoon I took a half day and went to see my doctor. The nurse came in, blood pressure was high, very high - she had me lay down for 15 minutes in the dark - the doctor came in, blood pressure was even higher. She told me that was it - no more work for me. Some people may love the idea of bed rest - not me. I wanted to use all my maternity leave for AFTER Harper was born - not before. You see, I was still 4 weeks from my due date and the idea of laying around my house big and pregnant for 4 weeks wasn't real appealing to me. So I followed the doctor's orders and went straight home (NOT). I went to school - I had to get things in order before I left for good. Lucky for me, I'm a planner and I had pretty much prepared almost everything my sub needed already.

I laid around the house all weekend - taking my blood pressure twice a day just like the doctor ordered. Sunday evening I started having elevated numbers. I called the doctor and she told me I better go in to the hospital to make sure the baby was ok. This was 11 o'clock. Got to the hospital and after about an hour and a half my blood pressure went down and they told me we could go home. We got home to a confused Samson around 1:30.

We were pretty tired.

Then at 5:50 I wake up. To my water breaking - although at the time I wasn't sure that was what it was. So I called the doctor again - back to the hospital. So at 6:30 that morning the nurse told me I was going to have a baby today, on Labor Day. Crazy I know. In LABOR on Labor Day. You have no idea how many times I heard that that day.

Harper graced us with her presence at 9:14 that evening, after a long day for Mom and Dad. She was amazing from the moment we saw her. Will was so proud of his little girl - they even stamped her foot print on his hand.

I'll never forget that day and I can't wait to share it with her one day. I love our little girl.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Samson's New Christmas Stocking

I wanted to make Samson his own stocking. Last year I tried to find a dog stocking I liked, but they were all cheesy. So I found my inspiration here. I decided to use felt instead of fake fur for my outer part of the stocking. On the inside I picked a fabric that had a burlap look to it but was more of a thinner canvas.

Finished product!