Monday, June 11, 2012

Bad, Bad Blogger

I've been bad again in blogger world.  It always happens about this time of the year.  During the summer I get back into it then.  Last summer was full of relaxing at the pool, crafting and getting ready for baby.  This summer has been all about BABY so far.  Harper is enjoying having her mommy home from work.  

Harper turned 9 months last week, hard to believe.  Her 9 month check in with the doctor went well.  She is 20 and some odd ounces, putting her in the 75th percentile for weight.  She is 29 and 3/4 inches tall, which puts her literally off the charts in height.  I guess she'll be tall like her mom and dad.  Harper isn't a fan of textures.  I've been trying to add in finger foods, but she isn't really into anything besides puffs.

Easter came and went since the last time I blogged.

Harper has been enjoying her baby pool and visits to the neighborhood pool too.

Harper and Mommy on my first Mother's Day with her.

Harper and Daddy at the Zoo.

My little Auburn cheerleader.  This outfit was a gift from another Auburn Alum.  It was went to fit her in time for football season, but we had to wear it while it still fit!

My goal is to be better about blogging this summer...