Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bird Room Wall Project

So Harper's room kind of has a theme - it's birdies. I fell in love with the Penelope birdie bedding from Pottery Barn Kids when my friend Megan was pregnant and I was in the store buying part of her crib bedding. I always said, if I get pregnant and have a girl and they still have this bedding then I am buying it for my baby girl.
Well, I did get pregnant...and found out I was having a, naturally I registered for the birdie bedding. I just love it. It's girlie, but not super girlie. We have tried to do a lot of things in the room in greens too, so if our next child is a boy - I can do the dino themed room I have always dreamed of for a little boy.
Awhile ago I had seen this artwork that someone had done on some website (probably Etsy) that went along with the Pottery Barn Kids Penelope bedding. Well, I decided to make my own. I needed something to go above the changing table. So last night, after we hung Harper's curtains and sheers, I was standing in the room staring at the blank walls. I'd been picking up lots of little things for the walls in the last few months that I thought would match. I was walking around holding things up on different walls and trying to decide where to put what. That was when I remembered the birdie art.
So today I ventured out, bought two pretty basic espresso frames and purchased an assortment of scrap paper from Michaels. Then tonight - I got to work - I crafted some pretty simple birdie art for above Harper's changing table. Will worked hard on hanging some things I had already purchased on the walls. Now, I have only two walls, I mean, projects left.

Sneak peak of part of Harper's room...I'll post lots of pictures when the whole thing is done.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our First Child

Ok, so Harper isn't our first child.

Samson was our first"baby". It's not a secret that I'm a dog lover - - and I LOVE this dog. And, even though I don't think he would ever admit it, I've turned Will into a dog lover too. He loves Samson as much as I do. We love lounging in bed with Sam on Saturday mornings. He waits for the invitation from Will and then jumps into bed and lays on Will's chest to get scratched and get his belly rubbed.

People keep saying that once the baby comes your dog does not matter anymore. Well, I know that nothing will probably be like my love for Harper - but I could never imagine Samson not mattering anymore. Every time I go into Harper's room to wash something or put something away, Samson follows me in and curiously walks the perimeter of the room. After a few minutes of rolling around in the center, he finds his way under her crib and lays down. This week I was putting something away in the closet, so naturally the door was open. I turned around and saw Sammy, sitting very sweetly in an empty bin in the bottom of her closet. He sat in there for about 3-5 minutes (long enough for me to snap a few sweet pictures of him) - sniffing her clothes that hung above him and trying to steal a toy or two out of her toy bin.

I know that my love for Harper will never be the same after she is born, but I can only imagine I will grow to love this little man, my first baby, even more as I see how much he loves her already just by watching him in her room. I'm sure Will and I will get lots of laughter, and even frustration, watching Sammy adjust to life with Harper - but I know that Samson will always have a special place in our hearts.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harper's Baby Shower

I was so lucky this past weekend to have a dream baby shower. It was literally everything I could have ever asked for. My sisters, Mandy and Julie and my best friend, Megan, hosted a spectacular shower. It was perfect. I was so lucky to receive many beautiful and generous gifts. I got a good mix of cutsie girl clothes and accessories and practical things that every mom needs. I even got my diaper bag (which I LOVE). Enjoy the pictures of Harper and my special day.

Mailbox Decor

Front Door Decor - Adorable Wreath with "H" onsie for little Miss Harper

Close Up of Harper's Onsie

Shower Invitation on Display

Julie, Me, Mandy

Kerns and Me

Me in front of a few of the gifts...I wish I would have taken a picture of all the presents, they were so beautifully wrapped - Harper and I were spoiled. We are very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. I couldn't be more thankful after this weekend.

Harper, Amelia and Me

Adorable Punch with Pink Ducky Float

Wine Glasses with Baby Girl Charms (for those who could partake in the alcoholic beverages)

Banner Kerns made for Harper with a Cricut Machine

Beautiful Hydrangea's on the Table

Decorations were Everywhere!

Harper and Amelia's Best Friends Onsies (Amelia broke in one of Harper's toys this weekend, so they better learn to share right away!)

Amazing Diaper Cake adorned with Bows, Toys and Hats

Mantel Decorations

Harper wouldn't be my child without some DINO clothes!

Beautiful Door Hanger my friend Katie made for Harper's Door at the Hospital

Again, I can't thank my friends and family enough. Everything was just so perfect. I couldn't ask for a more beautiful shower and generous gifts. Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Corker Bow

I decided to try and make a corker bow when I saw this tutorial. I wanted to make an Auburn bow for Harper, since she will be arriving in the heart of football season. I decided on some navy gross grain ribbon, orange with white polka dots gross grain ribbon and some white satin ribbon with brown footballs on them. I wrapped the ribbon around some skinny wooden dowels I bought at Hobby Lobby and put clothespins on each end. Next, just bake in the oven at 275 for 25 minutes! When they are cooled and you take the ribbon off the dowel - it will keep its korker shape!

Next, I made three individual corkers by cutting the ribbon into smaller pieces. I wrapped jewelry wire around the center to hold the bows in place.
Then I just hot glued them on an alligator clip to make a fuller and larger bow and topped it with an orange button!

Here is a view of the corker bow clipped on an orange headband. All ready for Ms. Harper to wear!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Layer Bow

I made this bow a few weeks ago and just got around to finishing it tonight by putting the clip on it. This bow is called a three layer bow because it is basically three bows put together to make one larger bow. You make the three individual bows first and then stack them on top of each other. It gets finished by hot gluing the "knot" piece around the center. I forgot to take pictures along the way, but you can find the tutorial I followed here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paula Dean Potato Skins on the Grill

Will and I were watching the cooking channel on the Fourth of July...yeah we were bored. We both saw this recipe for grilled potato skins and thought they looked super yummy. So, last night, we tried them and they were very good (and easy)! Follow the link here for the recipe. We skipped the bacon as a topping because I didn't feel like cooking bacon. I also just used regular sour cream instead of the horseradish sour cream in the recipe.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Featured on The Creative Crate

I'm so excited - one of my crafts was seen at The Creative Crate! Click here to see the post where my Burlap Wreath can be seen. I need to get busy crafting again this week . . . I have a plan for another bow for Harper - if it rains tomorrow, I'll be bow making - if it is sunny, I'm headed to the pool . . .

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Three years ago today Will proposed to me. All weekend we have been talking about how our lives have changed since then. Will got a new job. We bought, built and closed on our first home. We got married. We painted, decorated and added things to our new home (retaining wall, landscaping, deck, concrete pad). Samson made his debut into our lives. And, our newest change, we got pregnant with Harper. It's crazy how much your life can change in a few years. We couldn't be happier!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'm so excited, last night I got online and saw a bow that I made was featured on one of my new favorite blogs - Fabric Bows and More. I love this site! It has so many links and directions on how to make all sorts of fun bows. To follow the link to my bow click here. So if you are a bow lover, head on over to the site and check out all the great ideas you can get there.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Front Door Wreath

I first saw the burlap wreath idea on Tater Tots and Jello last year. I made one right away and it hung on my front door for a whole season, until it was tattered and faded and I had to throw it away. Then, last summer, I made one for my classroom door. I had been looking for a long time for a new wreath for our front door - whether one from the store or a homemade one...but honestly, I couldn't find one I liked more than the burlap wreaths from Tater Tots and Jello. So I when I went through my fabric bin and saw all the green scraps I had and scraps from the cushion I made for our front porch, I decided to just make another one for this summer. Here are my circles ready to glue on the wreath.

And the finished product hanging on our front door! I love it. I love how the colors are a little darker than the first one I made, so I don't think it will fade as fast.