Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day world! I hope everyone has had a special day today, I know I have.

I love Valentine's Day at school. All the kids give you hugs and are so kind on V-Day. I wish the Valentine feeling could be in our school all year. It's so cute. They really can all be friends (even after weeks of indoor recess). So whether you got roses, candies, a special dinner - or some other sort of present today - happy Valentines!

And to my Valentines ... I love you Will and Sam!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ok, I'm Updating

I always get bad about updating our blog in the winter, I don't know why! You would think I would have all this time in the winter to type since it is cold outside. I'm at home today for a snow day. We are under a BLIZZARD warning in STL. We could get 12 inches of snow today on top of the third of an inch of ice we have already gotten, CRAZY!

I've literally been watching the news all day. It's not that I want to watch it, its just that there is nothing else on. Our Netflix isn't here yet and I'm all caught up on my DVR. So I'm browsing blogs today and Internet websites.

Will and I added some new "artwork" in our living room recently. We have a huge long wall in our living room. In the center is our fireplace with our TV mounted above it. On one side we have this arch iron grid we got from Pottery Barn last winter. The other side of the wall has been blank however, and was annoying us slightly for a while. So we decided to buy these huge frames from Pottery Barn and instead of putting pictures in them (which we may one day), we decided to make these random number collages. All of the numbers are actually dates that are important to Will and I. We just mixed them up to create artwork!
The dates include when Will and I started dating, when we graduated from Auburn, when we got married and when we closed on our home.
Here is a view of the whole wall. Excuse the news coverage on the TV, I told you we are in a BLIZZARD warning... The khaki color on the wall is a little darker than it appears in the picture. The wall almost looks white and its not!
Other big news...our Auburn Tigers are National Champions! We cheered the Tigers on to their second National Championship in January. Will and I have now experienced two Perfect Seasons since we have been Auburn fans. It was a pretty cool season. My brother in law gave us a Cam Newton autographed football as a gift to commemorate the season. He gave it to us after our Iron Bowl win. Cam went on to win the Heisman and a National Title.Our best friends had their baby two weeks ago today. Check out their blog for more about Amelia Short.

Some of our other great friends, Katie and Shawn, got married on New Years Eve. I was lucky to be in her bridal party. The night ended with a great party after their ceremony! Congratulation to them as well!

That is really all from here, Samson and I are cuddled in to ride out this winter storm. I may do some crafting this afternoon. I'd like to make a new wreath for spring, but I'm not sure I have all the materials on hand that I need - and driving to Hobby Lobby is NOT an option right now. I'll have to dig out my craft boxes to see what I can do...I may be back to posting tomorrow, if we get another snow day. Happy Winter!