Sunday, August 28, 2011

Christmas Keepsake

Do you have keepsakes that you never look at because they are in a box somewhere?

I know I do. My wedding invitation, graduation announcements and most recently - Harper's baby shower invitation. Somewhere I saw this idea - I thought I had saved the link on my Pinterest, but I didn't. So, if I am stealing this from you, I'm sorry - it is not intentional. This is so super easy to do and then you get to see your keepsake once a year - instead of never because it is in a box somewhere.

Buy some plain clear ornaments from Hobby Lobby. Shred your keepsake in a shredder. Curl the pieces like you would curling ribbon. Drop them in the ornament. Add some coordinating's done!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ruffle Butt Onsie

I attempted my first "ruffle butt onsie" tonight. I think it turned out pretty cute - definitely not perfect, but good for my first try. My ruffles got a little uneven on one side. The writing says "I heart Samson". The fabric is black with little white dog bones. I got some cute ribbon to match to make a bow, but didn't get that far tonight.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Paint Swatch Bookmarks

For all you teachers out there - you'll love this idea I found on Pinterest. They are bookmarks you can make from paint swatches - free paint swatches! I quickly put these together and gave them to my kids for the first day of school. I just got some swatches from Walmart - cut a few in half and glued a strip down the middle of one I hadn't cut. Then, I laminated them. Once they were laminated, I hole punched a hole and tied some ribbon in the top. The only thing I paid for was the ribbon. They turned out cute and the kids loved them.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Classroom Giving Tree

I'm a teacher when it is not summer time. So, Sunday I crafted a little something for my classroom. I'm always looking for donations of different supplies - Ziploc bags, Lysol wipes, GermX... just stuff that you need for your classroom - stuff that adds up if you purchase it all yourself all the time. So, I made a Giving Tree! This Giving Tree will sit out at Meet the Teacher Night, Curriculum Night and at Fall and Spring Conferences. Parents are always asking me if I need stuff - so I thought why not present it in a cute and *optional* way.

I made the base out of some scrap wood...I tried to nail it around the little twig, but I didn't have nails that were long out came the hot glue.

I wrapped the base in some quilting filler to cover all the splinters from the scrap wood.

Then I wrapped the base in some pretty, green, scrap fabric I had.

I made a little sign for my Giving Tree just so the parents knew it was optional.

I made little leaves that hang from green ribbon.

My finished Giving Tree. I think it's so cute!