Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet Summertime

Well, it is officially SUMMER! I have been off school for about a week and a half. Today was my first day not having to work at all. I have been busy doing summer workshops and tutoring. I really wanted to spend my very first full day "off" at the pool, but the weather was gloomy and rainy all day. So, I spent 5, yes 5, hours IRONING today. I HATE ironing, so it is no surprise that I let huge piles of ironing pile up. I was ironing winter clothes, so that shows how long it has been since I ironed. My closet is like jam packed full right now because everything is cleaned and restocked.

Samson has enjoyed the last few weeks. Will has been lucky enough to get to be home three straight weeks this month. I was really excited since they were my first three weeks of summer.
We got a new shelf for our family room - I would show you what it looks like in our room, but we have not found much to decorate it yet. We still have to find things to decorate the three wall shelves we got earlier in the year.
We build our three mini retaining walls over Memorial Day weekend. Will and his dad worked for two and a half days. We used ANCHOR Stone, the Flores design in the pecan color. This is not a picture of ours, I can't quite seem to take a good one. We bought our stone at a place right down the street from our neighborhood, so it was easy to transport everything and make quick runs if we needed more of something. It looks pretty and now I want to do it in the backyard, but I don't think we really have a place for it back there. I still would like to get our slab in the backyard poured this summer too.

I am headed to Nashville on Thursday to visit my sisters and see Logan. I am really excited because I have not seen him since he has been a strong walker. I won't be back until Sunday and I worry about leaving my boys alone (Will and Samson). I know they will do fine, but I will miss them.

Mandy, Ryan and Logan are coming in for the Fourth of July again this year. I want to buy one of these cute lemonade pitchers.
Will spotted one at Home Goods the other day when we were searching for picture frames, but it was flimsy so we didn't get that one. I may have to just get this super cute one from Pottery Barn. Will wants to serve his favorite drink, margaritas, out of it.

We are really close to buying this desk at Target to go in our guest room/office. But we can't decide if we want black or brown in that room.
One last note, two of our best friends have some big news to share...but it is not mine to share for them....so hop on over to their blog HERE. Needless to say, we couldn't be happier for them and we are excited to watch this next part of their lives unfold! Congrats Kerns and Chris! : )